Welcome to my blog

So this is my first ever blog post and I am so excited about starting this blog! For so long now, many of you lovely people from Instagram have asked and suggested I start my own blog with recipes and meal ideas on it!

Up until now, I never really considered it because I don’t know much about blogging and I thought I wouldn’t have much to post and blog about. However, recently I have been getting more and more into baking and creating things and I think being able to share what I make with everyone would be lovely!

It really flatters me that people are actually interested in my cooking and baking and its always so lovely when I get comments on my photos on Instagram saying how ‘nice my meal looks’ or ‘how did you make that’. As well as people asking for recipes and advice on meals.

I want to try and keep my posts quite short and sweet because I personally don’t like massive long blog posts which drag on for ages and you get lost trying to read everything. So I will leave it at that for now, but I will post and update regularly! I just want to say thank you for all the support, interest and kind words I get on IG. I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me!!!

Any requests, ideas, recipe requests, would be appreciated because I want to make this blog relevant to my followers and include things which you guys want to see and are interested in! So just let me know on instagram, kik or askfm.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. ideas!
    Egg white oats
    Normal porridge
    How you make your dinners (tofu/roast veg etc.)
    Raw cheesecake!
    Raw chocolates
    Any other healthy treats you make!


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